Is there a processing fee?

Jois is peer-reviewed and supported by volunteers, exclusively.
We are independent and do this for the love of sharing knowledge and making research accessible.

How to submit a paper ?

In order to process your submission and to start the peer review, please remove all identifying information and send your manuscript in word format to the editors in chief.
Examples of identifying information are: your name, the name(S) of your coauthor(s), affiliation and self citations.
In the case of self citations we suggest to remove phrases that contain possessive pronouns, such as, "in our previous work". Please replace possessive phrases with neutral expressions, such as "prior research indicates".
Be assured that before sending out your manuscript for review, we will also make sure that any identifying meta-data are removed.

One of the most asked question is: how long does the peer review take?

The turn-around of the peer review depends on the reviewers' schedules. We generally follow up with our reviewers every 2 weeks in case any delays occur.

What about the formatting ?

Accepted manuscripts, whether with major or minor revisions, should be formatted by the author. That means, don't worry about the format for the submission. Only once the paper is accepted, formatting becomes an issue.

You can find the template here.

Why do we not worry about style guides at this point?

It's because reviews are based on content not on appearances. There is no point in burdening the authors with formatting tasks unless a paper is accepted.

Does JoIS have an ISSN?

Yes, the ISSN is 2194-0827 .

Will my paper get a DOI once being accepted?



Please let us know if you have any questions and it will be our pleasure to answer them.
Looking forward to your manuscript !

Ebba & Chris
(Editors in Chief)